ASN Canada FIA considers kart racing to be both the grassroots and the future of motorsports.


With help of over 25 affiliated Kart clubs across Canada, we are able to foster driver development which provides the ability for racers to compete in Local Club, Regional, National and International Karting Events, as well as bolster their racing career.


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Kartsport Latest Information



Canadian Karting Regulations Book 2 Technical Regulations Bulletin 2018-04 – Front Protection
2018 Briggs and Stratton Regulations: Camshaft Profile Limits
• Canadian Karting Regulations Book 1 Bulletin 2018-02 Clarification of the ASN Licence Categories and Classes
• Briggs & Stratton Engine Update
2018 Pfaff Kartsport Cup National Championship Supplementary Regulations
2018 Mini Rok Technical Specifications
2018 Junior Rok Technical Specifications
2018 Senior Rok Technical Specifications
2018 Shifter Rok Technical Specifications
Canadian Karting Regulations Bulletin 2018-02 – CIK-FIA Front Fairing Mounting Kit
Canadian Karting Regulations Book 1 Bulletin 2018-01 – National and International Driver Competition Licence Qualifications
• Canadian Karting Regulations – Book 1: Flag Signals
2018 ASN Canada FIA Karting Regulations: Penalty Guidelines
• ASN Canada FIA Code of Conduct for Participants
2018 ASN Canada FIA Karting Sporting Regulations (Book 1)
2018 ASN Canada FIA Karting Technical Regulations (Book 2)
• Notice of 2018 Sporting Regulations Change: National and International Driver Competition Licences
2018 ASN Canada FIA Briggs & Stratton – Regulations
RMC Sporting: 2018 Rotax Sporting Regulations
RMC Technical: 2018 Rotax Technical Regulations
• RMC 2018 Technical Regulations Appendix for 125 Mini Max and Micro Max Amendment
• ASN Canadian Karting – Honda 4-Cycle Legacy Technical Regulations
Maintaining the Quality of Kart Racing Events