2019 ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship Event Summary

2019 ASN Canada FIA Canadian AutoSlalom Championship Event Summary

2019 CAC Event Summary

Fort Macleod Airport, Alberta

July 26-28, 2019



On the Friday before the main event, was held a Test & Tune Day, with a short course to get everyone tuned into the airport surface. After the Test & Tune, to loosen up and have some fun, the organizers held a Pro-Solo “Big Wheel” Contest. The heads up competition was intense, with a few spinouts and come from behind victories. The Overall fastest run was put in by Brock Makin, who had the fastest knees!

Following the day’s events, everyone gathered for food and drinks at MacLeod’s Pub.


Day 1 ended with some close racing. I’ll highlight a summary of the top three overall, and a couple of the closest below.

Richard Bonham had a 0.127s lead in overall PAX, but The Tom’s (Grzesiak and Kerns) were in the hunt. They finished Day 1 0.075s apart in BS, taking the 2nd and 3rd spots overall. Shannon Wall and Brock Makin had the tightest battle, with Shannon ending Day 1 on top by only 0.001s!! The SSC race had Jared Coulson in front by 0.448s.

The afternoon runs had to be scrubbed, due to high winds blowing over and moving the cones around. It was impossible for the marshals to tell if the cars were actually hitting the cones, or just blowing them over, as they went by. Everyone appreciated not having to stand out on the course and be sandblasted with dust in the wind. Everyone returned to town early and freshened up for the Evening Banquet at the local Church Parish Hall, catered by MacLeod’s Restaurant. Everyone chowed down on home-made lasagna and Caesar salad, along with plenty of libations from the bar!


After a good nights sleep, Day 2 started out, dare I say it, chilly! The wind was mild, but it turned into a scorcher! Richard’s course started on the other end of the runway with a slalom into a tricky turnaround on the apron. A right hand sweeper led you back onto the runway, where you had to shoot the gap into the “wallums”. A second slalom led you into the figure 8 turnaround. Navigate all the way back, and into the finish. The afternoon swapped the turnaround directions, which provided an interesting variation. Risk was rewarded on this course, and we had some fantastic driving from everyone!

The battles got even hotter as the day progressed. Drivers looked fast, and we had a great view of some 4-wheel slides in the sweeper. Quick summary on the couple close ones mentioned above.

– Tom Kerns found time to take the lead in BS from Tom Grzesiak, but only by 0.125s combined overall for the weekend!
– Shannon Wall and Brock Makin ended the weekend reversed as well, with Brock ahead by 0.884s combined.
– Derek Ocko and Jared Coulson competed fiercely all day, and swapped places in the end, with Derek in front by only 0.316s combined.
– Cam Withell had an amazing Day 2, clawing back an incredible amount of time to hop into the trophies in Street.
– Alan Rae had an amazing run in his Caterham Super in the morning, taking FTD for Day 2 AM with a 52.800s!
– Dallin Beloglowka found a massive amount of time in the afternoon, coming in only 0.227s behind Richard Bonham for the Day 2 PM session.

At the end of two amazing days, The 2019 Canadian Autoslalom Champion was Richard Bonham.  (in his wife’s M3 , I had to!)


Richard Bonham (left) Canadian National Champion Trophy presented by Adam Sullo, President SASC


The hunt for the overall champion was close in all three sessions. The spread from first to third after Day 1 was only 0.202s with Richard Bonham in the lead, followed by Tom Grzesiak and Tom Kerns. Richard Bonham was on a mission on Day 2, working that M3 hard all day to extend his lead to 2.064s.


L to R: Richard Bonham 1st, Tom Kerns 2nd, Tom Grzesiak 3rd


Prize money for the Overall top three and Winners of the four Super Groups was provided by event sponsor: Overtime Rentals, who provided $2000 in prize money that was shared by the Overall Winners. Overtime Rentals is a local business providing oilfield equipment rentals in Alberta.

The top ten looked like this:

1       Richard Bonham
2       Tom Kerns
3       Tom Grzesiak
4       Brock Makin
5       Dallin Beloglowka
6       Cam Withell
7       Shannon Wall
8       Murray Peterson
9       Derek Ocko
10      Jared Coulson

Thanks to ALL of the organizers and participants for helping to make this an excellent weekend. Can’t wait for the next!

(Photo Credits: Doug Campbell and Shawn Bishop)

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