The ownership, preservation, display and driving of “vintage” automobiles has long been a passion of Canadians.  Car owners often treat their treasured car more like a member of their family!


Across Canada there are several clubs devoted to bringing together people from all walks of life to share their treasures, experiences and technical tips.

Vintage” is a generic term, however there are four distinct categories depending on the age of the automobile:


Pre-War: Automobiles designed and or built prior to December 31 1940.

Historic: Automobiles manufactured from January 1 1941 to December 31 1959.

Vintage: Cars manufactured from January 1 1960 to December 31 1969.

Classic: Cars manufactured from January 1 1970 to December 31st 1975.

Vintage Racing Club of British Columbia

c/o Stanton Guy, President
3366 Baird Road
North Vancouver, BC V7K 2G7

Calgary Vintage Racing Club

P.O. BOX 52215, 311-16 AVE, N.E.
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 8K9

Vintage Automobile Racing Association

26 Western Avenue
Schomberg, Ontario, L0G 1T0